Thank you for stopping in. Here you will find
information on all my custom dust covers. I make
covers for just about any and all radio gear.
Including tuners, amplifiers, transmitters, receivers,
etc. New or old.
I currently offer three types of material / styles for the
ham / communications covers.

First, and my most popular covers are our the 50%
wool/felt models.
The wool/felt covers are visually very appealing and
are offered in three colors. Black,
gray, or royal blue.
These covers offer very good protection against dust
while allowing the equipment to "breath" and to not
hold moisture. This is something to consider if you
live in a high humidity area or use evaporated
cooling. All hems are machine sewn for strength and
visual appeal. *
Prices range from $26-$55.

Secondly I offer BLACK vinyl covers. They are made
of a heavy, commercial grade vinyl with a felt
backing. Not cheap crafters vinyl and feature a
hemmed bottom.
The vinyl covers are best suited for those who sit
coffee cups, soda cans, etc., on their equipment.

While the vinyl covers can be ordered with any of the
logo's and lettering we offer, they can also be
ordered with a clear front. This allows the equipment
to remain protected but offers a view of the front of
the radio.
*Prices range from $26-$55. For more
information on the vinyl covers

Third is my ELITE line covers. These are the
WORLD'S BEST covers! For those who will only
settle for the best....these covers are for you.
range from $55-$85.
More info can be found by

A word about logo's and lettering...I offer many
logo's for vintage and new equipment. And are
adding news ones often. All the lettering and logo's
are sewn on a state of the art embroidery machine. I
have added new fonts recently so you can truly make
your cover one of a kind.

All my cover prices include two lines of lettering or
logo and lettering. Usually  it is the make and model.  
I can also add your call sign, name, etc., for a small
additional fee.

All of my covers come standard with a rear flap. This
allows you to leave the coax, power cables, etc.
Connected to the radio when the cover is on it. It can
also be folded under making it an open back cover
for slipping the cover on from the front if you have
your radio on a shelf,etc.

Due to the large variety of options with the covers,
they are all made to order. I keep nothing "in stock"
in the way of finished covers.

I can also make custom size covers for home brew
equipment. If you can measure it, we can make a
cover for. As well as design custom logo's.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

*The prices are based on the size, type of
logo/lettering, etc. Custom covers, digitizing work, or
very large covers will increase the cost.