Elite line covers
Introducing the Elite line dust covers!
These covers are for the radio
"connoisseur" and/or for those who
opt for the

What makes these covers the best? They are a two piece
design. We start with a heavy felt and then cover the felt
with a waterproof, dust proof, yet breathable, ballistics
nylon* outer "shell".
This yields a very thick and heavy duty cover. Next we
add a special logo/lettering combination that sets the
Elite covers apart from our standard covers and presents
a very visually appealing cover. The Elite covers are only
available in

You have the best equipment...now
protect it with the BEST cover! Order
your Elite line cover(s) today!

*Ballistics nylon was developed during WWII for flack vest. This makes the
Elite line covers almost bulletproof!

Most Elite covers are $75.00 - $85.00*
plus shipping.

*VINTAGE GEAR, AMPLIFIERS & special orders:
Due to the large size of some of the older gear, or
special orders, please contact us with make and model
for quote.
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