Q: Why do you not accept credit cards? What types of payment
do you accept?

A: I am a very small home based business and not set up to
take credit cards. You can use PayPal to make a payment to us
with your credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.
We do accept MO,cash,check,or PayPal.

Q: Do you make plastic covers?
A: I do not make plastic covers for a couple of reasons. The
main reason being is that plastic holds moisture and will over
time cause rust,corrosion,and has been known to stick to
certain paints.

Q: I see you do not have all the radio manufactures logo's
available. Why is that?
A: I try and not step on any toes. Some of the newer
companies will not give out the right to use their logo's. Others
have given us the OK to use them. I am adding new logo's

Q: How long does it take before I receive my cover?
A: I try my best to get the covers out in a timely fashion.
Usually you will receive your cover(s) in about a week. When I
am very busy it might take a couple of days longer. Shipping
outside the U.S.A. may take as long as three plus weeks.

Q: My cover is dirty. Can I wash it?
A: Your cover is made of a special wool/felt and needs to be
dry cleaned only. If it is just dusty we recommend you just take
it outside and shake it off or brush it with a soft brush.

Q: I have a home brew piece of equipment. Can you make a
cover for it?
A: YES! Custom covers are no problem for me. If you can
measure it...I can probably make a cover for it.

Q: I bought a cover a few years ago. I recently bought one from
you and the color does not quite match and/or the felt feels
different. Why is that?
A: I buy the felt in 25 yard rolls. Each roll comes from a
different dye lot. Over the years the manufacture has changed
their felt a little.  I have no control over the manufacturing
process of the felt itself.

Q: What colors do you offer for the covers? It looks like you
have many different colors as seen in the pictures.
A: I only offer three colors. Black,gray, and royal blue. The
different shades of colors you see in the picture is due to the
way the picture turned out,lighting,etc.

Q: I want my call sign on the cover. Can you do this for me?
A: You bet! I can put just about any lettering on your cover.
The covers come with two lines included in the price. To add a
line is a extra $5.00 per cover.