Hi-Fi AUDIO dust covers!
These covers are for the audio
"connoisseur" and/or for those who

I offer covers for pretty much ALL Hi-Fi
equipment...tuners, amplifiers, pre-amps,
DVD/CD players, turntables, speakers*, etc.
As well as custom size covers for just
about any and all equipment.

What makes these covers the best? They are a two piece design.
I start with a heavy, static resistant felt to protect against
scratches. I then cover the felt with a waterproof, dust proof, yet
breathable, ballistics nylon** outer "shell" to protect against dust,
spills, and scuffs/scratches.
All seams and hems are lock-stitched sewn and corners are over
sewn for strength and durability. This yields a very thick and
heavy duty cover.

The back of the covers feature a flap. This allows all the cabling
and wires to remain attached to the equipment with the cover

And to top it off, we include two lines (generally the model
number and type of equipment, i.e. DVD PLAYER) of embroidery
in your choice of color(s).

**Ballistics nylon was developed during WWII for flack vest. This makes these covers
almost bulletproof!

You have the best equipment...now protect
it with the BEST cover! Order your cover(s)

Most audio covers are $85.00*
plus shipping and 7.5% Calif.
sales tax for Calif. Residents.

*Special orders:
Due to the large size (speaker covers,etc.) of some of the special
orders, please contact me with make and model for quote.

To place a order, please use the contact
form or email me. I will need to know the
make and model of the equipment you
would like the cover for as well as the color
for the lettering.
**There is no way to order directly from
this website and I can not accept orders via
I only accept cash, check, MO, or PayPal.
Credit Card payments are processed via
PayPal invoice that I will email to you.

***Please note I can NOT use the McIntosh
logo or name on the covers. I normally use
the model number and type of unit it is. If
you have questions about the Mac covers,
please contact me.***
Hi-Fi Audio Dust Covers