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My FT-897D normally gets used either in my workshop or
while camping so it does not see a
huge amount of action but at the same time does get
subjected to dust and grime and while I
do not mind cleaning it, ingrained dirt does not do the resale
value any favours. The compete set up consists of the radio,
the built in Yaesu PSU and the bolt on the side LDG 897 tuner,
essentially a shack in a box.
I started looking round at the various covers on the market
and drew a blank with the two UKbased
suppliers I found as neither of them were interested in
anything non-standard and
regardless of me offering dimensions they would not make
me a cover which would also cover
the tuner.
It was then I noticed a small ad on the front page of QRZ for
“Stan the cover man”. It directed
me to RadioDustCovers.com run by Stan Clewett W6ON. I
dropped Stan a note explaining
what I wanted and got a reply back within the hour that he
could supply the cover no issue and
what did I want embroidered on the front at no extra cost.
I chose the Yaesu/Vertex logo and the model number; I could
have had callsign, name or
anything. The standard covers are felt but vinyl is available at
no extra charge. Clear front
panels are also available but then you cannot have
embroidery for obvious reasons. In fact,
Stan will make up covers for any equipment you can give him
dimensions for so you can get
covers for virtually anything.
I chose the vinyl as I wanted a wipe clean surface for the
cover, a price of $30 plus $15
postage was agreed and I sent the funds by Paypal. The total
cost in sterling was £27.86.
My payment was acknowledged along with a note saying my
order would be shipped Monday
(3 working days).
When the package arrived less than two weeks later I
escaped the dreaded VAT and £8
surcharge and the package arrived directly, I think because
the actual item value was below
£20. On opening I was struck not only by the quality of the
fabric but also the embroidery and
the finish. This was not a homebrew product but a
professionally made item. The fabric is a
very lightweight faux-leather cloth with a soft non-abrasive
interior lining and a nice feel on the
outside. I imagine it will wear very well.
Fitting-wise, it slipped over the radio and tuner perfectly as
can be seen in the photo. The back
flaps up so cables do not snag on the cover. There is enough
depth in the cover that the
microphone cable comes out from underneath without strain.
The cover has now been in use for about three months and is
keeping the radio nice and dust
Would I order another if I needed one?
Yes definitely! I have now ordered a cover
for my 756ProIII as well (see inset picture).
It also arrived inside two weeks. If
you want to see the cover in the flesh I can
bring it to the club.
You can have a look at the entire range at
It is not an on-line ordering system but you
can e-mail Stan who responds very
quickly. Alternatively you can ring or even
write with a quill pen should you choose to
do so.
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